Monday, May 21, 2012

Pushing Through Bushes

I was cleaning out my phone yesterday, ridding it of all its chaos, when I stumbled upon a short video of my daughter singing a song she'd made up just minutes before.  I love the song, but my favorite verse goes something like this, "Going through days is hard, hard, hard.  I'm pushing through bushes to get to the rainbow."  Have you ever had to push through bushes to get to your rainbow?  Such insight from my five year old princess!  

On another note, we are in the throws of planning an impromptu family vacation.  Actually, the truth is we were all scheduled and reserved to spend an entire week in Seattle and for reasons I cannot elaborate on right now, we had to cancel.  Phooey!  But not so phooey at the same time...oh you'll get it soon enough.  Anyway, we're thinking of attempting an extended road trip.  My mom did it with my sister and I when we were little and it's the one (out of several) road trip that I happily recall.  And understandably so, I mean, what parent wouldn't want to spend countless hours of drive-time listening to your children argue over every minute thing?  Hmmm... 

So far I found a GREAT deal at Knott's Berry Farm for the kids and we'll throw in some fancy things for the adults and a few cool things like dinner at Medieval Times and Venice Beach for my very cool teenage niece who'll be joining us as we trek the uncharted land of, well...California.  And a road trip would not be a road trip without hitting up some of the famous eateries of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  I'm excited--mostly because of the food we'll be consuming but all the other stuff is great too if you're into that sort of thing.  It's all good!  

And lastly, here is something that popped in my head last week as I was pulling out of my driveway, headed God knows where, rolling my window down because the dirt was just too thick to see through:

I like not having enough time to have my car washed and detailed.  My dirty car is an homage to the amount of time and energy I put into being a mother and making a modest home into a house that is fit for a king!

And that, is a good thing!  (In my Martha Stewart voice)