Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Few Things

Finally, I am (almost but not really) all caught up on life!  Summer is coming to an end and I finally got some "spring" cleaning done, I've tackled a few things that were clogging up my "to do" list, and I am feeling pretty good, physically-post pregnancy and all.

I wanted to take a moment and jot down a few things that are on my mind right now.  This is not so much one of those things meant for the scrapbook aspect of this blog, but something I can come back to in some time and reevaluate.

-This weekend I watched My Life Without Me, just another B movie, but I tend to like off the beaten path movies that don't have all the bells and whistles of a Hollywood flick.  This story is of a young mother who is dying of cancer and trying to fulfill her bucket list without sharing her fate with those close to her. Definitely a movie that gets you thinking (especially if you are a parent) of what you would do if you were in a similar situation--and it made me think of this blog.  Don't read too much into that, as I am not terminally ill.  But, if I were to get "that" diagnosis, it would be great to know that I could log on and finish what I started. Or, if I died suddenly, I would have a legacy of sorts to pass on to my children. 

-This coming Friday marks the one year anniversary of Baby Nick's death.  It is so difficult to type those words and still so very unbelievable.  I continue to pray for my cousin and his wife as they grieve the loss of their son.  It has been a very rough year for them--first Christmas without, first birthday without, first mother/father's day without.  And Nick, your smile is and will always be greatly missed.

-My brother in law who is currently on tour and in between shows, came over for dinner and a quick visit with his three favorite people, Zeke, Nomi, and Ezra.  The last time he visited, Ezra was only a couple months old and therefore off limits to the germy-germs of his uncle.  Last night was a whole other story! Ezra was fascinated with his uncle and couldn't take his eyes off of him.  It was nice having Stefan over; the kids wore him out, and we fed him well, of course.  At the end of the night as he was getting ready to leave, he said something I thought was probably one of the best compliments you could possibly give two parents trying to stay afloat this challenging and endless ocean of parenthood, "Wow, you're a family now." Maybe I was fatigued from having stuffed my face with BBQ ribs, chicken, corn, and salad, but it was a breath of fresh air and a pat on the back for this mom.

-The last few years, Isaac and I have really been working on the way we eat, cutting things out and adding things in, reading labels and paying close attention to what we eat and how it affects us.  Parting ways with those ideologies that kept us unhealthy; the idea that organic breakfast cereal is healthy, eating meat or other items labeled as "natural," the belief that "we turned out okay"  without nitpicking everything we ate.  I am beginning to feel liberated in a sense.  It's difficult to explain, but there is a certain feeling of freedom (dare I say something "revolutionary") about actually knowing what is on your plate, knowing what you are feeding your children, knowing that you can heal ailments with slight adjustments to your diet, knowing that you are not leaving it up to someone else to determine the quality of your food.  Having said that, I want to emphasize that we are not perfect and we never will be.  We also enjoy living by the 80/20 rule when it comes to food.  Eighty percent of the time we eat homemade goodness and DO NOT sweat the remaining 20%, when we eat what's available and what tastes good!

On a side note, when we were little and would visit theme parks, my mom would pack lunch in a cooler. We would take a break from all the madness, pop open the trunk and chill.  She'd bring sandwiches and drinks--we knew nothing about theme park food until we were teens.  I want to get back to those days!  Thanks for the inspiration, mom.



  1. Very nice post; Stefan has it right....you, Isaac, Zeke, Naomi and Ezra...are a beautiful family; it is easy to see in your interactions.


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