Thursday, June 13, 2013

For A Very Special Guy

If you know my husband, you know that he is "eclectic." A man who cares not what people think of him; he picks his nose in public when it itches and farts in crowded (and very quiet) movie theaters. I will admit I was often frustrated with him the first five or so years of marriage. But then I woke up, took the stick out of my butt, and lived a little (a lot). Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the funniest guy I know.

"They're coming for us, they're going to attack. Just let me know when you're ready to bomb the house." --my husband on dealing with the 10 ants or so in our house that he has killed in the last few days. And he was serious.

"There is nothing good that did not first belong to God."--my husband on teaching the kids to thank God and appreciate all that we have.

"You've got cantaloupe eyes."--my husband's (boyfriend at the time) take on what first caught his attention. And no, I did not take that as a compliment at the time. Now that I look at the eyes of our children, I see what he means.

Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world! Thank you for loving our babies more than you love life, thank you for loving and tolerating me in all my stubbornness. I love you Isaac.


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  1. So funny...."cantaloupe eyes"....


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