Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Tidbits

Everyday there are thoughts floating through my head, thoughts that are as easily lost as they are found.  As I am changing my son's diaper, there are at least five or six blog worthy "thinklings" that never quite make their way to this here little blog of mine.  There are those wise words I want to share with my daughter about obstacles she may encounter on her sure to be winding road to womanhood, the little nuggets of wisdom I'd like to share with my sons and just general life moments that are thought of and then, POOF!  Lost forever to the abyss of lost thoughts.

To combat this, I have decided to start blogging weekly (I am going to try my hardest) about little tidbits, things that occurred in the last week that may or may not have given me pause.  So, here we go with the first installment (short and sweet)!

1.     I realized yesterday just how much my son likes football and that it is quickly becoming a passion for             him.  He is fast, super fast, for his age group and would like to play running back (think Walter Payton           and Gale Sayers), so I have reluctantly committed to finally seriously *think* about letting him play                 tackle football.  I know, not much of a commitment, huh?  But I am deathly afraid of him being injured          (think Gale Sayers or Earl Campbell...ouch).

2.     My two least favorite words (this week) are jury and duty.  I am so thankful that I am a nursing mother.         'Nuff said!

3.     I turned 37 years old this past Friday.  Here is my Facebook post detailing the mayhem that took place:

"As a special "gift" to his mama on her birthday, Ezra woke me up at 2:39 am to play. So, for 2.5 hours, I watched him crawl off the bed to standing, clap his hands, then fall to the ground only to do it all over again. It was fun, NOT! He had the nerve to go to sleep just minutes before my alarm went off at 5:15 am." 


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  1. I completely understand your reluctance to allow my oldest grandson to play tackle football; it is such a physical sport that can result in devastating injuries. However, I am happy that you are considering the notion to allow him to embrace his passion because that passion of his is deep. We will pray for him and support him in his new adventure. I am sure he will be very excited.


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