Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Tidbits...

Today is proving to be somewhat of a challenge in terms of publishing this blog.  This weekend was great, I got a lot done around the house, everyone is well--I can't complain.  But there was just one thing that occurred and has been on mind ever since.As I told you last post, Zeke's first football game was this Saturday.  They won, 35-6 or something very close (I am often times so absorbed in watching my son play, that nothing else matters much at all).  Zeke pulled at least 7 flags (flag football no tackle, I'm too scurred) and ran for 3 and passed for 1 touchdown, and there was a touchdown made by one of his teammates via a pretty awesome catch.  Great game, TEAM!

The next day at practice, the coach made a couple of announcements.  First, he congratulated the kids on winning, he explained that not one person did it alone, but it was a team effort.  "Who made those touchdowns? (Team Name) made those touchdowns!  Who pulled all those flags?  (Team Name) pulled those flags!"  So far, so good.  Next, he announced he would be handing out Most Valuable Player awards. Wow, after each game?  Well, okay.  He proceeds to hand out two MVP awards and explain why he gave them to the kids he gave them to.  First, child #1 received the MVP because he was being double teamed the entire game.  Next, child #2, who made the fifth touchdown, received the award because he "made a good catch." Hmmm.  Now, I AM biased, this I know.  But, if you take those two kids out of the equation of the game, would the (Team Name) still have won?  Absolutely!  

Zeke pushes himself more than any other child on this team.   So much so that he leads warm-ups, has consistently been the only child who answers the trivia questions correctly, and is attentive and focused at practice and during games.  So why did my child not receive an MVP?  I personally don't care about awards, but I do have an issue with you making a big deal about his touchdowns being the team's touchdowns, his flag pulling being the team's flag pulling, and then in the next breath you are handing out MVP awards--distinguishing certain players as being more "valuable."  You cannot have it both ways, either everyone is always a winner, or you tell the truth and give props where props are due.  

I should also mention that there is a little history here of my son getting the short end of the stick while playing with this league.  I did call this "Monday Tidbits," so I think I'll save that history for another post.  But, through it all, his attitude has remained positive.  I guess I should learn something from Zeke.  



  1. The "everyone is a winner" concept and mvp awards are contradictory to me. If he said everyone did a good job to get the win and said he wanted to recognize some "extra hard workers" or something like that, I would understand. However, his method did not make sense. BOO.

  2. My grandson is an important component to that team and in many ways he carried that first game.....if the coach continues to leave my grandson out of the recognition process I am going to send Uncle Vinnie to visit that coach in a dark alley!!!!!!

    1. Mom, you are so funny!


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