Thursday, October 31, 2013

See, What Had Happened Was...

I have not posted a Monday Tidbit, or anything for that matter, in quite a while.  The truth is, I have just been too busy and pretty tired lately.  Here are a couple updates...

Ezra is crawling!  Well, let me back up a bit.  He has been "crawling" for a while now, but it was more of a "wounded soldier" crawling across the battlefield type of crawl.  His legs were mercilessly being dragged across the floor while his arms did all the hard labor.  Needless to say it was a lot of work and he never really covered much ground before he would his head in defeat and cry for mama to come and rescue him. Fast forward a couple months and he is on all fours and crawling a very sophisticated crawl, all over the place.

(Begin angry mom rant here...)

Remember how I wrote about our thoughts on the coaching style of Zeke's head coach?  Well, since that post, the kids have played another game--a little tougher than the last but they won.  That game was followed by two consecutive byes; one last Saturday and one this coming Saturday.  His coach sent an email informing us there would be a pick up game since we had the bye, and ended the email with, "HOPE to see you there."  Does this sound like an optional game to you?  Well, it did to us!  He even stated this game would be for fun and welcomed siblings and parents to join in. So instead of rushing around, we decided to enjoy our Saturday and had a fun-filled day instead.  At Sunday's practice, coach B. announced that anyone who did not participate would need to run an extra lap.  But wait...I thought the game was optional?

A couple days later he sent another email confirming the OPTIONAL pick up game to be played this coming Saturday.  In true "Chi Chi" fashion (keeping it real), I emailed him to ask if the game was mandatory because I did not want my son penalized for not playing.  He emailed me back to say no, the game is not at all mandatory, but he will allow those who participate to run one less lap than those who do not.  WHAT!?! Maybe I am a little sensitive because this is my son--my baby, but in my opinion, this is a terrible way to coach.  If you are trying to get a message across about team spirit, then make the game mandatory, TALK about team spirit with your team, talk to parents about your expectations.  But don't punish the kids who do not participate.  And my son corrected me; it was not an extra lap they had to run, it was an extra "suicide" run.

(End of angry mom rant...)



  1. I am sure that Zeke's coach does not know the definition of the word "optional"; however, the word "dingbat" comes to mind when I think of his coach.......I wonder if he knows the definition!!!!!

    1. Mom, you are so silly! HAHA!


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