Friday, June 1, 2012

Finally, More Space!

The month of June will mark the beginning as well as the end of a lot of great things.  First, school is finally out as of June 13th, YAY!  My daughter is officially finished with kindergarten and will be attending school with her big brother next school year.  My son is saying farewell to the 2nd grade and will be moving on with the big dogs to third grade.  Nice.  PLUS, we finally (after lamenting at the smallish size of homes in our current location) found a three bedroom, two bathroom, 1900 sq. foot home with get this...a ROOF TOP DECK!  Yes, paaaaaartaaaaay!  The only drawback is that instead of driving every morning three and a half minutes to get to school, we'll be driving (in traffic) a torturous 11 or so miles.  Small sacrifice if you ask me compared to what we are getting.

Also, June 2nd is flag football playoffs and we are over the moon excited!  My husband coaches my son's team, The Headbangerz, and of course I am team mom.  I am amazed and so proud of all the effort my husband puts into this team.  And it pays off, our team is 4 and 2 and will hopefully clench the championship this year.

And one last feel-good thing for the day...

My daughter, who takes art classes at the Crocker Museum, received a great compliment from her pottery teacher.  She said to my husband, "Your daughter is a real artist."  Then she mentioned something about focus and attention to detail, but honestly my husband's heart was so swelled up with pride, that things are a little foggy from there.  Basically, my daughter is a genius.  LOL (kinda just kidding but not really).

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