Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yesterday Was Hard!

If you could have snapped a picture of me last night after finally putting my kids to bed, I would have looked something like this.

Yesterday I had an internal meltdown, I think I combusted just a little on the inside if that's possible.  My children took me to the edge of insanity and it seemed like forever before I was reeled back in by my poor and unsuspecting husband.  Luckily he was home before I could take my aggression out on the GIANT chocolate bar with roasted almonds and sea salt lurking in the pantry.  He must have seen the fire raging wildly in my eyes, the salted crumbs around my mouth leftover from attacking the last few tortilla chips I could find.  Either way, he rescued me from a downward spiral that could have ended in a really bad tummy ache and regret.

My son blew my mind yesterday (I'll spare you the detail) and was grounded for the first time ever for two weeks.  The good thing (or bad depending on how you look at it) is that today I am finding out that the incident really wasn't all that bad and his actions were greatly misunderstood by his teacher, who has been on "leave" for most of the school year.

Today, I am learning the brain tumor (benign) that she had removed back in September and the recovery period in hospice care, was simply not enough to bring this formerly spectacular teacher back on level ground.  And I can't blame her, she had to come back due to lack of sick time.  I've been on the receiving end of state disability checks before and it ain't pretty.  But, this woman has trouble walking straight, she snaps at kids with whom she would normally exercise patience, and she is just a shell of her former self.  To make matters worse, she instructed my son not to bring his mom's world class famous "Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treats" for a treat on the last day of school.  Who is this woman?  My husband said it best, "The problem is, she doesn't know these kids anymore."

All I can say is, thank God today is the last day of school.  Thank you God for our children who are so forgiving when mommy is not having such a great night and snaps a little too much.  Thank you for continuing to protect this family and even though this seems like a big deal, I know it could be much worse.  Thank you Lord, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Oh, and thank you for blessing me with a husband, who after eleven years of marriage knows when to bring home chocolate without asking.  I'm hooking him UP for Father's Day!

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