Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Here is something I wrote back in December of 2008 (my best guess).  Back then, almost four years ago, I was simply writing on my MySpace page and then eventually moved over to a now defunct little blog.  Well, going through my files I unearthed this little number and it made me smile.  I'll eventually post them all here so I can have them in one location.  Enjoy!

What I Learned This Week & More Random Thoughts For a Rainy Day…

It’s amazing how much can change within the course of just one week, and it’s always the little things that matter most.

Last week I explained for the first time in detail, the meaning of giving and donating to my son who is four and a half.  So in order to drive the point home, we visited a local church that was hosting a “Concert for Cans” gospel concert.  The idea is to donate canned and dried foods to help feed local Sacramento families who would otherwise go without on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That evening we packed up our donation bag with dried beans and canned soup and headed out to First Baptist Church of Elk Grove.  Upon arrival, we dropped our goods in the donation box and headed into the sanctuary to enjoy the concert.  When it was time to leave we passed the donation box and Zeko stopped me, “mommy, we need to get our food!”  Um…maybe I forgot to mention how donating really means giving things away and not getting them back?

Something else I learned last week?  My daughter really believes she can fly!  Seriously.  The other day my heart dropped into the pit of my stomach when I just barely stopped her from “skydiving” off the back of our couch.  Now call me worrisome if you like, but I don’t think a kitchen towel tied to the back of her pajamas qualifies as a parachute and it’s definitely not enough to keep my daring two-year-old afloat!

You ever feel as though your life is running in slow motion but everything else around you is on fast forward?  I do.  Ok, I am about to get somewhat personal so take note!

Before I had children I was always on the go…whatever it was, I was busy doing it.  I have always hated sitting in one place for too long and constant change was a welcome friend as far as I was concerned.  But after having children my life has slowed tremendously.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the change but now that my children are becoming more active and independent, I’m finding it a little difficult to jump start things once more.  Partly due to guilt for leaving my children in someone else’s hands, and partly due to just being plain out of the “loop” of just about everything.

I’m older now and a little bit wiser (at least I think I am) so decisions aren’t as rash and as spur of the moment as they once were.  Before stepping out of the house I have to plan at least one day in advance.  Planning for a night out goes somewhat like this: clear it with all parties involved (because sometimes the pumpkins just want to be at home with mommy…aww), ask mom if she can baby-sit, figure out and coordinate naps, baths, lunches and what will be for dinner.  I also have to coordinate the car situation because I refuse to drive the van for a night out with my girls!  But by far the most agonizing part of preparing for a night out is (drum roll please) FINDING SOMETHING TO WEAR!  There are so many things to think about when dressing oneself for a night out, especially when you have had children!  You’re always trying to find places to tuck this and that, how to lift this up and move these over…need I say more?

Enough sharing for now, I think I just need a glass of wine and a night out with the girls…who’s buying?

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