Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back From the Abyss

Whew!  We are back from the abyss...of fun!  We had such a wonderful time in southern California, and although I am happy to be back home, I am so glad we were able to get away.
With my son's soccer practice on the horizon and this week's nature camp for my daughter, things are beginning to get hectic once more.  Actually, I feel a little guilty because as I mentioned before, I have had very few cravings this pregnancy and therefore I am completely uninspired come dinner time.  When I ask the munchkins what they'd like for dinner, their standard answer is spaghetti, but when I make spaghetti it isn't eaten because they're "tired" of spaghetti.  It's a lose-lose sitchy-a-shun!

How am I feeling?  Good question!

I am tired, so very tired.  The last few days in Sac have brought 100+ degree weather and although I love it hot, me and the big belly and big thighs aren't too appreciative of the high temps.  I am seriously anticipating the cooler temps of October and November.  Today I was driving to work and noticed I was having a little trouble breathing in lung-fulls of air.  I panicked a little, sat up straight and focused on steady and deep breathing.  Then I realized I wasn't suffocating or having an anxiety attack, but my bra was too tight.  Go figure, I've gotten THAT robust, so much so that I need to either go bra-less (watchu talking 'bout Willis!?!) or break out of my cheap spell and buy a bigger bra.

Here's where the news turns a little depressing but fear not!  Read on, please...

I am just shy of 19 weeks along in my third pregnancy and besides my thighs rubbing together and a bout with heavy eyelids, I've been feeling pretty darn good!  I recently took a Zumba class, I ride my bike every weekend and walk whenever I can.  Keeping active has helped to relieve stress and helps me to have a better, more restful sleep at night.

But, for the past couple weeks I have been feeling a "tightening" in my abdomen.  For those of you who have been pregnant, it feels like a really, really strong and long-lasting Braxton Hicks, low in the abdomen, making my uterus hard to the touch.  These types of contractions are quite normal in the second and third trimesters but in my experienced opinion, they were coming way too early and too strong for this here mama not to worry.  I spoke with a doctor who advised me to be seen, but only after warning me if I did go into labor there would be no attempt to rescue the baby, as it is not considered a viable pregnancy just yet..."blah, blah, blah."  Since the emergency room was my only option on a Sunday evening, to the ER I went.  They probably thought I was a little crazy because while waiting in the (almost empty) waiting room and examination room, I read my latest obsession, Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.  I admit, I was pretty calm but what could I do?

Thankfully, the baby is fine.  Doctor thinks I have just been working myself a little too much with the vacation, being in a car for 6+ hours to and from southern Cal., and the heat probably contributed to dehydration.  In all honesty, I am typically a worry wart. I felt my son kick at 14 weeks (my daughter was pretty chill and waited a few weeks longer--just like her daddy!) and this little guy or girl kicked at 14 weeks but for some reason decided to set up shop in the very back of my uterus.  Besides the occasional slip and slide I haven't felt much from this little one.  Thankfully I am at that point in my pregnancy when kicks and punches will grow stronger and more frequent, putting this worry wart out of business for good.

To my unborn seed--
I love you, please make it out of there safe and sound.  You are in my prayers every night and every morning.  I cannot wait to tickle your toes and pinch your bottom, smell your sweetness and watch you grow.
Love, mommy.  


  1. Chi Chi, u are such a wonderful person who looks at like with amazing zeal! I am so happy that eveeything turned out ok, but even if the circumstance became more emergent......u know God has the final say! I ruptured at 19 wks and was given the same unreasonable effort & grim report but Elijah is now 6 going on 7!!!! God is GREAT!!!

    1. Thank you Lin and praise God! I never knew that about Elijah!

  2. Loved your comments; I also pray for your well being and good health and that you will have a safe and problem free delivery. I'm excited and looking forward to another grandchild.

  3. Pregnancy is such a privilege and I'm so glad you're experiencing it again, my friend. I too am praying for the safe and on-time delivery of your blessing.


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