Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Know for Sure...

I know for sure that in all my 36 26 years I still haven't gotten this "try to look at it from another perspective" idea down.  I have an opinion (which is normal and healthy) but sometimes I wish I'd think things through a little more before I voice my opinion.

What I have learned in the last few years is to listen and be more attentive when people offer opposing viewpoints because more often than not, I learn something, remember something I'd long since forgotten, or I am just simply made aware.  I'm not saying my opinions are unwarranted or unnecessary but it pays to listen in the end.

I also know for sure that my granny panties are now too small for this five month pregnant frame and if I don't get replacements soon, there could be major trouble.  I'm talking blue oxygen-deprived legs, decreased circulation, the whole shebang!

How I'm feeling...

You know when you bang that certain can-o-biscuits against the counter expecting the big "POP!" to happen?  But instead of the pop, you only slightly break the seams and the eager biscuits slowly ooze from the too-tight packaging?  Uh huh, that's me.  That's how I feel in this heat, I'm oozing out of my can.

Apparently there are many fires raging in California and all the smoke has come to settle in the valley.  It's been terrible.  Today is the first day I have not felt the need to literally wash my eyeballs of all the smoke.

What I'm eating...

I kid you not, last night for my late night snack (helps me sleep through the night-honest!) I had two raw-fermented pickles (probiotic and good for mine and the baby's gut) and grapes.  Forget pickles and ice cream, it's all about pickles and grapes!

What I'm reading...

And finally, one from the vault.  This was written in September of 2008 and still makes me smile!

A Day With Clowns

Nomi turned two on September 11th and to celebrate we took the kids to the circus!  Interestingly enough, Nomi was hardly impressed!  With all the fireworks and fake smoke, tigers and elephants, Cirque de Soliel-ish acrobatics and motorcycles, we thought she’d love it.  But after eating her weight in popcorn and drinking enough lemonade to fill the Grand Canyon—she passed out!  But Zeko sure got his money worth.

He wore his sunglasses for the majority of the show because according to him he’s “cool like daddy,” and to my enjoyment I was commissioned to feed him his jumbo dog and lemonade so he could hold his circus memorabilia while still watching the show.  Nice.

Like his little princess, daddy also fell asleep and Zeko and I were left to celebrate the magic of the circus all on our own.  As we headed out of the arena Zeko confided in mommy and daddy that he really did have a good time and added, “I love you.”  Awe, now this is what Sundays are made of!  I’d spend a thousand more days with the clowns just to hear those words.

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  1. These are the type of memories that will last a lifetime and will always bring a smile to your face. Love it!!!


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