Friday, August 24, 2012


Yesterday our family buried baby Nicholus.  It was a day of sadness but also a day to come to terms with the death of this little angel who was only with us for two short years, but made an impression on everyone he met.  This little angel made old relationships new again and restored in many of us the notion of unconditional love.
Today I'm crawling from beneath this non-social rock I've been hiding under the last week or so.  It wasn't intentional, I just became consumed with all things familial.  I'm laughing again and ironically the best laugh I've had in a few days came yesterday from Nick's mom.  She's hilarious even in this time of transition.

Pregnancy is going well, my baby boy is taking up more and more room each and every day.  And as his kicks, punches, and somersaults become more and more powerful, our love for him grows as well.  He is going to be spoiled, especially by his big sis and brother.  They talk to him via my tummy all the time and make some pretty grandiose claims of what he can and cannot see/hear while in the womb.  It's pretty entertaining!  According to my son, he can see through my eyes everything I see.  According to my daughter, when he poops our poops join together and make one big poop.  The latter is an interesting concept, no?  TMI?

You Know You're Pregnant When:

Your husband volunteers to do ALL the cleaning in the house (except laundry) to keep you his unborn son away from chemicals.  After the baby is born I'll be on my own, I'm positive.  Is it wrong that I'm not completely honest with him about the fact that I only use vinegar, soap, and water for cleaning?

Your nails are long and healthy, your hair is bright and full, and your bra cuts off all circulation for being too small for your widening frame-- but you continue to wear it because you are extremely cheap.

Pickles and bacon sound like a perfectly healthy and reasonable option for all of your six(teen) meals of the day.

You cry because...well you just cry, just because at any and everything.  So much so that you never talk about it with anyone because you know they will think you're just being overly dramatic.