Friday, September 7, 2012

Back In The Day When...

It's been a while since I have had the time and energy to sit and write.  Since my last post we have said goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year.  I cannot believe my daughter, my brown suga' is already in the first grade!  My handsome son is in the third and couldn't be more independent.  And here I am, round belly, puffy feet, keen sense of smell and anxiously awaiting the birth of our third child.  Life is good!

I don't have an exact date but I believe this was written in the early Fall of 2008, maybe 2009?  Here goes...
Literally Speaking

My son asked me the same question at least 40 times today. After about the 20th time I told him, "I gotta give it to you Zeke, you're persistent!" A few seconds went by and he said, "Give it to me mama, I want my persistence."

A couple months ago I was sitting in the kitchen with my daughter, when the mail was delivered. We both took notice of the mail carrier's large sun hat and with the weather at a cool 100+ degrees, I remarked that he had, "the right idea." My daughter responded, "yeah, he has a left idea too mommy."

This one takes the cake…my son hit my daughter (nothing too hard, just enough to send her screaming in daddy’s direction) and Isaac urged her to sock him back.  A while later Isaac watches Naomi chase Ezekiel back and forth and all around the house, all the while hitting him with a pair of socks.  “Look daddy!  I’m “socking” Zeko!”


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