Tuesday, November 20, 2012

6 More Weeks!

Actually, it is precisely six weeks minus one day but who's counting?  My hips ache and sleep has taken on a whole new meaning.  I am breathing like a cow on steroids and Isaac keeps asking why I sigh so much (sigh).  Because I am tired!  I am also growing a tiny human inside of me but big deal, right?  Happy cows do not come from California.  I am not a happy cow at the moment.  I am a hot and tired mess and cannot wait to see this little guy who is causing such a stir.

There are countless things running through my mind every single minute of the day.  Pregnant or not I am a list maker and cannot live without a good ole pen and paper to jot down my thoughts.  So here at work there are scraps of paper posted here and there, lists overflow from my purse and crowd the kitchen counter, refrigerator and wall calendars at home (yes, we have two wall calendars because my daily lists have almost completely rendered one of them unreadable).  I have a list of foods I need to eat every day because I do not take prenatal pills (I take fermented cod liver oil and probiotics along with a healthy diet instead of synthetic vitamins), lists of things I would like to do or have done before little punkin arrives (buy a mattress, a couch, and ultimately save the world), lists of things I need from Target, Trader Joe's, and Nugget because who shops at just one store?  I also have a list of things I forgot the last time I went to Target, Trader Joe's, and Nugget because, shopping at three stores--who can remember everything they need?  Especially when they forget the aforementioned lists AT HOME!


Anyway, here is a snapshot of what I look like right now.  If you have a problem with bare, fat stomachs, you may want to stop reading pronto.



  1. Love these pictures....where was the picture of you in the red blouse taken?

    1. Mom, it was at home. If you look really hard you can see my little angel doing her homework at her desk in the background. :)

    2. Mom, I deleted your comment by accident...but thank you (you said you liked my smile :)


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