Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Five Weeks

Hey there everyone!  And by "everyone," I mean my readers.  And by "my readers," I mean my mom, my Tackling Tomfoolery girl, Malikka and my homey in Seattle (wassuuup!).

I am officially 35 weeks along in this pregnancy as of yesterday, that leaves five weeks minus one day to go and I am getting impatient.  I'm feeling good, though.  Baby is surely running out of room and this often makes for difficult sleeping and painful everything else.  Like sitting...sitting still is hard when there is a tiny human inside of you that cannot seem to get comfortable no matter what you do.  So is life.

I forgot to announce to the world (read, the few people who read this here blog) that my husband has officially walked himself into the 21st century.  He bought an iPhone ya'll!  It kind of ruined what was going to be the perfect Christmas gift from the kids and I, but who cares, we'll think of something else.  Now, if you knew my husband you'd be as shocked as we were that he actually did this all on his own.  This is a man who (before getting me to link and explain email via the iPhone) hadn't checked his email in about two years, only initially set up an email account so he could set up a Facebook account that he checks once every few months (more now that he has an iPhone), and only used a computer to transfer music to his iPod via iTunes.  This is life-changing.  The first thing I did when he came home with his phone was to add my number as, "Beautiful Wife."  This is funny because a few days later my son came to me and said, "Mommy, you know that daddy's phone is so cool?  Cause when he calls you it says "Beautiful Wife."  My response (acting surprised and smiling on the inside), "Really?  That is cool!"

In other, less exciting news, it is fall and whatever that looks like for you, wherever you are, it is beautiful here in Sacramento.  The picture below is but a glimpse of the fall beauty we've been blessed with.  The trees are fiery oranges, cool minty greens, and golden yellows.  I am really in the mood to cuddle with the kids, sing Christmas songs and well, HAVE A BABY!



  1. He popped up in my FB feed a week or two ago and I was so surprised. LOL! An iPhone? He just got fancy. ;-) That is a beautiful picture.

  2. I think Ezra will be making his debut just after Christmas; I am so excited. Isaac is so funny.....I did not know he has a facebook account; I will ask him to be my friend..lol.


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