Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thank You God...

 ...For My Husband!

He is my sounding board, my common sense when I'm running low, he is my mate, my partner in life, the source of my laughter and the punching bag I sometimes need.  He is stubborn, a kid at heart, he is a magical father--yes, magical, and by far the greatest thing about him is that he loves me.  As selfish as this may seem, he loves ME!  Imperfect, quickly irritated, sometimes slow to let go of fear and perfection me.  And I love him dearly just for that.

Today was just plain weird and the only person I could talk to was Isaac.  He's one of those people who doesn't like to put himself out there so you may never see any pictures posted here, but he does exist!  Maybe one day I will tell you why I cried this morning but laughed as I was leaving the house.  One day I will explain why I HATE dealing with robots, especially those responsible for my health and well-being.  But not now  I'm just too smitten with the man I married.

And since he may also read this one day, I love you too, Isaac.  Yes kiddos, I love your father just as I pray you will one day love your husband, your wives.

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  1. Isaac is a fantastic husband and a committed and passionate father.....and oh yeah, he is also a great son-in-law.


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