Sunday, December 2, 2012

Four More Weeks!

Woohoo!  Praise God, we are finally in the last month.  And although this month will be extremely busy for our family, the birth of our son will be the best and most anticipated event of the year.  Through all the pain, I imagine when we finally get to see our son/brother, it will be the icing on our cake, the cherry on top, le creme, get the picture.

The strangest thing has happened in the last week, I have started having some serious cravings.  And here I thought I was over cravings!  I still want to hurl at the smell of spaghetti, but my kids love it so much that I have to muscle my way through cooking it at least once a week.  And my sense of smell is still very strong--usually artificial scents are overpowering and give me a slight headache (think, pretty boy meets Drakkar cologne).  But, get me around a nice juicy pomegranate or a roasted sweet potato with butter and salt and I am a different woman!  I just cannot get enough.  I could eat a pomegranate or two (or three) every night without tiring of their juicy juiciness.  In fact, I think John Singleton should seriously consider rewriting the last scene of Boyz N the Hood to include me (when Ice Cube and Cuba Gooding Jr. sit on the porch and talk and CB Jr. munches on a pomegranate).  Sounds reasonable, right?

*insert short blogging break to text my husband and beg him to stop by the store on his way home from work and pick me up a juicy pomegranate--he said yes!*

Yesterday I had some long-time friends (20+ years) come up from Oakland and Napa to bring me a "few" items their young sons could no longer wear.  When all was said and done I had six huge loads of freshly washed baby clothes to separate and put away.  I am so grateful and blessed to have people in my life who are so giving.  We also had some delicious Vietnamese noodle soup (Pho) at my favorite restaurant and shared a lot of laughs.  It was a great day!

I'm off to organize baby boy's newborn drawer and finalize the items in his diaper bag.  I wonder how many more times he's going to jam his sweet little foot into my diaphragm tonight?  I'm sure we have a future soccer player here, ouch!

p.s. This is what I will be doing with baby boy...because who needs an expensive baby carrier?



  1. so happy this year has been a great one for you & the family. & now ending it with new life! Joy... Happy you told me about the blog! I'll keep stoppin by! I love that video! I WILL be doing that also when I finally have my own bundle of joy!
    :-) ttyl


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