Thursday, December 6, 2012

Just a Quick Funny...

I kid you not, someone just asked me if I was pregnant!?@#$%&*?!!

"I was walking down the street, rocking my beat, clapping my hands and stomping my feet..."  No not really, I was just walking down the street to my dentist's office but kudos to you if you can identify that song!  I saw this little old lady who stopped me to ask, "are you having a baby?"  I wish I could convey the look on my face--I had to ask her to repeat the question just to make sure she was serious.

By the way, today makes 25 more days to go and this is what I look like:

That's hardly "gas" lady!  LOL!  Just for fun, I should have said, "No, I'm actually having an elephant."

later gators!



  1. Maybe the old lady was lonley and wanted to talk to someone; she saw you with your friendly face and it was conversation time. Also, maybe she is a bit senile and was not sure if you were pregnant or a bit

  2. Aw, when I met you, you were pregnant with your first born.:-) I'm excited about the new baby boy.

  3. I saw this sweet lady, so neat and I know why her ex call her ms microwave!!! Kool Moe Dee(Flash back)!!! LOL!! I read your blog constantly but rarely comment. But I just couldn't help reading this again and cracking up!!


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