Tuesday, December 11, 2012

20 Days!

Yesterday I was so busy at work that I completely forgot to post my three week update.  Not that anyone is keeping track, but you know.  Anyway, here I am with twenty more days to go, just twenty more days!  I am so excited!

Even Isaac has been commenting on how much he wants baby boy to hurry and come so he can just see his son.  It's really an exciting time for us.  I know I won't be saying that for long though--soon I will be sleep deprived and foggy headed.  I will have crusted breast milk and spit up all over and my hair will be matted and dingy looking.  I'll say things like, "his boo-boo looks good" and "what day is it?" My days will ooze into my nights and my biggest indulgence will not be a glass of red wine or the coveted lone trip to the beauty salon--but just being able to brush my teeth.  Oh how I long for those days...to come and go quickly.

And in other news...we will FINALLY drive up to the city of Camino this weekend to cut down our very own Christmas tree from one of the many Christmas tree farms up yonder.  It's a family tradition for us now and one the kids really look forward to.  We'll find the perfect tree, throw it on top of the car, eat brunch at a mediocre "cabin" type restaurant and thrift shop at the one and only store on the main road.  Last year we lucked out and picked up some really nice dishes, a couple things for the kids, and a backpack or two for Isaac (he has a fascination/addiction to buying backpacks at thrift stores and garage sales).

Besides the very strong Braxton Hicks contractions I have been having, I think this baby will hold until at least just after Christmas.  I really, really want to be home to watch the kids open up presents and delight in the excitement and joy of Christmas.  But, things have a way of happening on their own timing, no matter what I want.  I'll just thank God for my blessings and let him handle the rest.




  1. At this stage of pregnancy, I was totally counting down each day as well. Hold on, mama!

    1. Thank you, it's difficult but worth the wait for sure!


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