Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Letter to My Daughter

My little artist, dancer, visionary, the sweetest bit of sugar I've ever tasted, the brown-eyed lemon cake loving, spitting image of your daddy and aptly named for your calming spirit, little princess in my life.
Naomi Alice, named after your grandmothers, your name is truly a reflection of who you are--God-given, blessed with the spirit of kindness and giving, you are our everything, you are beautiful and kind, pleasant, and an explosion of creativity and wonder.

You, my love, are a dreamer; you see possibility and life in abandoned dreams and discarded ideas.  To watch you teeming with creativity is contagious and inviting.  You are at six years old, everything I ever dreamed of being but never realized.  Forever a thinker, problem solver, and peacemaker, your gentleness is enviable, your love and pursuit of happiness is unmatched.

I can't express how much you favor your father (in spirit and in likeness) and I most admire how quickly you had him wrapped around you little finger--he is and will always be a sucker for his baby girl.  But mommy loves you too, more than I'll ever be able to show.  From your kinky curly fro to your icy cold toes and all that is in between.  You are my reality check when things get a little hectic and my challenge when things run a little too smoothly.  You are the greatest, most giving little sister and will be the most magnificent older sister to your brother, Ezra.

I love you bigger than Earth, I love you like the sun shines, like the hummingbird's song, more than anything I can ever imagine.

Love you Brown Suga!




  1. Naomi wraps everyone around her finger....she definitely is one of a kind. My little pumpkin.

  2. I wonder how much all adult's lives would be changed if their parents spoke these kinds of words to them. I love it.

  3. What can be said after such beautiful words.....I am only humbled, the more, by the blessing of being a Mommy. I pray my daughter sees, knows and feels from me,the same sentiment of love in this letter.



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