Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Friday!

Not only is it Friday but the rain has let up and the sun is out, the air is clear and finally the otherwise inept girl at Starbucks, actually made my hot chocolate correctly! And I'm not being mean just honest.  This girl has an attitude like nobody's business.


I am feeling good ya'll!  I am just nearing 31 weeks (nine more weeks to go, YIPEE!!) and the nesting phase is rearing it's not so ugly head--I love the nesting phase.  I have some lofty goals, too!  I want Isaac to wash all the walls down, especially those in the bathroom that are constantly exposed to moisture.  I would like him to rid the garage and all the high places in the house of all spider webs and yucky crawly things that have taken refuge from the cold.  He'll need to wash down the cabinets in the kitchen, move the washer and dryer to scrub the floors beneath, wash my car, trim some of the bug-ridden bushes in the front and backyards, move the beds and de-allergize (not a word, I know) all three bedrooms, and write out a meal plan for the next two months.  I think that should do it for Isaac, I wouldn't want to overwork the poor guy.

My list is pretty detailed:

1.  Get last and final manicure and pedicure while I can still see my feet.

2.  Eat bacon and breakfast potatoes for dinner a couple nights a week and use the always applicable excuse of, "I'm pregnant, it's what I'm craving."

3.  Designate one day to cry uncontrollably until you're excused from work and all household duties (cite irreconcilable hormones).  Use this day to finish up last minute baby shopping and to tackle the Christmas shopping list.

4.  Toss and turn in bed and complain of sore muscles and leg cramps until Isaac has no choice BUT to get up and rub your legs and feet down with warm oil.

A daunting list for sure, but it's doable.

Check out these pics from the baby shower!

*disclaimer: No, the last picture is not technically a baby shower picture but was taken at Newport Beach in southern Cal. while on vacation.  But it makes me feel pretty so I included it!  

**disclaimer #2:  I have a problem with the exaggerated color of the baby on the cake but since it's Friday I'll save that complaint for a Monday.

Enjoy your weekend my friends!

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