Monday, October 1, 2012

My Mind vs. Reality

I think we all have a somewhat warped perception of ourselves.  For example, skinny girls who complain about being fat or people with beautiful skin complaining about one measly blemish while the rest of us have pimples and zits for days.  This was heavy on my mind and caused me to laugh out loud last night as I shuffled (not in a cute way) downstairs to go to bed.


My pregnancy tracker just alerted me that I am almost seven months pregnant now, 27 weeks to be exact with 13 weeks to go (OY VEY!).  I just love the idea of counting down to a time when I will be in complete and utter pain, sweating and heaving like fat musty cow on steroids...but I digress.

Back to the blog post (ahem...)  

So anyway, as I was taking my time trying not to fall down the stairs I thought of a few instances when what I pictured in my head was oh so different than what I actually looked like.  For example...

What I think I look like when I exercise (yep, even being pregnant)

vs. what I ACTUALLY look like exercising pregnant

LOL!  That is pretty much how I feel all the time, like a chunky um...whatever the heck that is.  And one last one...

What I think I look like when I dance

vs. what I'm pretty sure I look like dancing pregnant

And yes, the last image is ultra appropriate given the name of this here blog!  Have a wonderful week, I'll have some pretty fantastic (I hope they will be) pregnancy pics to post later this month.  Yipeee!



  1. Those pictures are hilarious!! LOL! And trust me, one doesn't have to be pregnant to feel the same way. Just when I think I'm really bringing it in the gym, I catch a glimpse in the mirror and traumatize myself back to reality. ;-)Anyway, I'm sure you look GREAT.

    1. Hahaha!!! Yeah, I've done that a few times too Malikka. Like the time I wore WHITE workout pants to Zumba because I looked "okay" from the front. Uh uh...NEVER again! I got a rear view and was traumatized.


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