Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Things I Hear at 7 Months...

The Abbreviated List:

Are you expecting another baby?
This is as bad as asking if I'm pregnant.  What, the half-waddle and protruding stomach weren't enough to convince you?

Are you still running?
Not so bad if you're asking a marathon runner but, come on!

How'd you finally convince your husband to go for three? 
I didn't, I hog-tied him, pimp-slapped him, and gave him some "act-right" juice!  No, really...he just eventually came around to the idea of another munchkin clamoring for his attention.  It wasn't hard.

And last but not least, and my favorite of all!  

"Are you still pregnant?"
LOL!  My little friend Chan asked me this but he gets a pass because he's so cute and he's only 8.  He's got plenty of time to learn that making babies takes a little longer than a few months.


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